About Us

Based in the Midlands, BRD has over 25 years’ experience in working with modified vehicles. Manufactured directly here in the UK. All product development is in house with extensive real world testing including on track competition. We can provide products to suit a wide range of applications from Road to Track.

Why we are different

BRD invests and lot of time and resources into ongoing research and development of its components. In the vast majority of applications BRD can offer a range of different Shore Ratings to suit individual applications. What will work on a track may not on the open Road? Talk to BRD to find out what would best suit you.

BRD provides a wide range of products to suit many different applications. Tested on track and backed with personal service BRD has a growing reputation for quality and performance.

Our imagination

BRD are always looking for new product and ideas, we welcome custom requests from clients. We develop materials and products on road and track on our project car to ensure fit for purpose and also give feedback on day to driving with race components.

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